Past Presidents

Here is a list of the past presidents of the State Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association dating back to 1984.

Year President
2015-2019 Marshal Silvester Dawson, Florida Supreme Court
2010-2015 Major Ron Cave, FWC
2009-2010 Chief Bob Johnson, DOACS
2008-2009 Colonel Julie Jones, FWC
2007-2008 Deputy Chief Financial Officer Eric Miller, DFS
2006-2007 Chief A.J. Smith, ABT
2005-2006 Colonel Larry Austin, FHP
2004-2005 Thomas S. Tramel, III, DEP
2001-2003 Colonel Graham W. Fountain, DOT/MCCO
2000-2001 Dep. Commissioner Dennis Williamson, FDLE
1999-2000 Lt. Colonel Randy Hopkins, FWC
1998-1999 Director Richard M. Boyd, ABT
1997-1998 Director H.M. “Mickey” Watson, DEP
1996-1997 Colonel Ronald H. Grimming, FHP
1995-1996 Chief Gregg Dodson, FHP
1994-1995 Inspector General M. Michael McHargue, FDLE
1993-1994 Director John J. Harris, ABT
1992-1993 Lt. Colonel Gwynn Kelley, GFC
1991-1992 Dep. Director Jack McPherson, DOT
1990-1991 Dep. Director John W. Carmody, FHP
1989-1990 Director James B. McPherson, DMS
1988-1989 Colonel Brantley Goodson, GFC
1987-1988 Director Donald Ellingsen, DNR
1986-1987 Director Robert Edwards, GFC
1984-1986 Director Bobby R. Burkett, FHP