Committee Chairpersons

Corporate Liaison

Vicki Cutcliffe
Deputy Marshal
Accreditation Manager
Florida Supreme Court Marshal’s Office

Education & Training

Captain Burt Himmer
Department of Financial Services

Ron Cave

Florida Criminal Justice Executive Leadership Institute Policy Board (SLECA Appointee)

Director Ron Cave
Florida Lottery Security


Deputy Director Larry Bourdeau
Florida Lottery

Government Affairs

Chief David Perry
Florida State University Police

Legal Advisor

Mr. John MacIver
Executive Office of the Governor

State Accreditation

Captain David Pate
Florida Wildlife Commission Division of Law Enforcement

Nominations & Awards

Lieutenant Rachel Bryant
Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission


Timothy Roufa
Chief Technology Officer
Florida Highway Patrol

Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (SLECA Appointee)

Deputy Chief Financial Officer Jay Etheridge
Department of Financial Services